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SES Lighting Selects the Right LED Lighting Products for Your Custom Solution

SES Lighting rigorously tests all products in our Golden, Colorado, facility, to ensure they will stand up to conditions in which they are prescribed for use and meet our industry-leading standards of failure rates below 1%. Providing only the best commercial LED lighting products is part of our Service with Integrity Guarantee.

Your SES Lighting solution is customized for your facility, your goals, and your budget. It may include products from any of the manufacturers listed on this page. SES Lighting works directly with these companies because our testing and experience consistently proves they meet our high standards for quality and provide products that do not fail us or our valued clients.

We act as Owner’s Representative. SES Lighting maintains direct relationships with such a large array of LED lighting manufacturers so we can always design solutions around our client’s needs only. SES Lighting owes our success to designing dependable solutions that provide value; not as a reseller for any particular manufacturer. Our loyalty is to our clients and their bottom line.



Some LED lighting manufacturers excel at tennis court lighting. Others provide the best for interior elegance, and are included in SES custom solutions for country clubs. Whether you are a church, multi-dwelling unit, or office building, SES Lighting provides the best product suite for your particular needs.


Is your facility worth the best commercial LED lighting products? Can you afford the long-term costs of a solution that fails to meet cost savings and safety objectives because it depends on cheaper, less dependable products?

For more information on how SES Lighting employs these manufacturer’s LED lighting products for custom solutions, visit our Testimonials page.

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