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Waterstone Community Church in Littleton

church lighting colorado - Waterstone Community Church - Littleton Colorado

Waterstone Church Lighting Results

Waterstone Community Church is a 60,000-square foot facility catering to its parishioners for Sunday services, ministries, programs and a private school for young children.

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In 2013, rising utility expenses and maintenance headaches prompted Brad Heykoop, Executive Pastor of Operations, to contact William Schuh with Electrical Innovations Contracting (EIC), and SES Certified LED Lighting Consultant Nelson Scott, to perform a property-wide energy analysis.

Brad wanted a way to provide efficiencies in lighting and mechanical systems that would result in significant savings and provide the Church elders an acceptable return on investment. EIC and SES worked together to retrofit existing fixture housings with LED technology which reduced cost and allowed the Elders to approve the church lighting project. The team retrofitted high output parking lot fixtures, can housings and pendants with LED technology eliminating the maintenance issues with the current fluorescent, metal halide and incandescent technology.

The challenges in lighting varied greatly throughout the property. The parking lot had metal halide fixtures that did not provide optimal light saturation between poles. Aside from energy savings, improvement in lighting quality and safety for church and activity-goers was a key objective given to the team.

church lighting colorado - Waterstone Community Church - parking lot lighting before and after

The EIC and SES team evaluated all options in the retrofit of each fixture and were able to improve Waterstone’s existing lighting conditions with LED technology by precisely evaluating the following key areas:

Additional factors considered for this Colorado church lighting project were installation time and disruption to the operations of the school. The installation time for a new fixture is far greater than retrofitting existing fixtures because of the new fixture size, manpower needed and disposal costs of old fixtures. In the retrofit, the time needed was 10 minutes per fixture as opposed to 45 minutes for complete fixture replacement. By retrofitting existing fixtures with LED linear tubes, we were able to provide an ROI acceptable to the church leadership and provide the following key benefits:

church lighting colorado - Waterstone Community Church - ROI calculation chart

More importantly, when it came to the Church’s private school, the EIC and SES team analyzed if providing a new 2 x 4 fixture in the classrooms made financial sense. Here is the result of their analysis:

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