SES Commercial LED Lighting Consultants

SES Lighting is founded and operated by commercial LED lighting consultants which service commercial clients, private clubs and sports lighting facilities. We believe people, products and process are fundamental to successful business relationships. In this video, COO & Founding Owner Nelson Scott describes the people of SES Lighting, the backbone of the company’s success.


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SES Lighting Executives

SES Lighting executives foster a customer-centered culture of innovation. Each applies experiences from a broad range of industries, including golf and country clubs, restaurants, banking, and finance.


Clayton Cole - Founding Owner and CEO - SES Lighting Clayton Cole – Founder and Chief Executive Officer
 Nelson Scott - Founding Owner and COO - SES Lighting  Nelson A. Scott, CCM – Founder and Chief Operating Officer
 James McKinney - Owner and President  James McKinney – Owner and President
 Nancy Broome - Senior VP of Business Development - SES Lighting  Nancy Broome – Vice President of Business Development
 Mark Skau - Vice President of Sales - SES Lighting  Mark Skau – Vice President of Business Development
 Darin Dickson - Director of Marketing and Communications - SES Lighting  Darin C. Dickson – Director of Marketing and Communications


Each SES Lighting executive understands the challenges confronted by business owners, executive officers, board members, and facility managers, because each has actively functioned in those capacities. We provide reliable estimates of cost and timing for your project, as well as detailed, written calculations of supporting data, and plainly-stated recommendations to ensure all project stakeholders feel heard, valued, and understood.

Systems with Integrity Guarantee®

SES Lighting executives offer our personal guarantee that:

SES Lighting’s Systems with Integrity Guarantee includes:

When you trust your project to SES Lighting, you are 100% assured that:

SES Lighting is a proud American company.

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