Lighting, according to the Department of Energy, is where facility spend is greatest on electricity and is where we focus attention with LED Lighting technology and lighting control systems. Other categories of facility spend in HVAC, Equipment and Boiler Systems can offer modest savings with retrofit technology and is something evaluated every time we audit a facility. The utility rebates and incentives for LED conversion have never been better as well as the price point of the technology. Now that all industries have begun to adopt this technology, the price of LED has bottomed out.



With our turn-key process, we take your project out to bid and find you the highest quality product for your application at the best price. We only deal with reputable manufacturers. You have the comfort of knowing that we will not specify products that have high failure rates, or that do not have the appropriate certifications in the U.S.A. for utility company rebates. More importantly, we are direct with our manufacturers, cut out the middle-man mark-ups and effectively process warranty issues. Supply houses that contractors use typically do not support warranty issues in an efficient and prompt fashion.


Utility companies all across the nation have certified
results for our Clients because of our
unique and detailed turn key process.



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