The SES Lighting Certified Process®

At SES Lighting, the first step in our engagement with a commercial client is utility bill analysis. The purpose is to see what they are paying for electricity so that we can forecast accurately, and so we can work with their utility company to maximize the client’s rebate. Many rebate programs are not evident.

We take a thorough and detailed inventory of the existing lighting in the club–the light temperature, the brightness–and evaluate if there is an opportunity to improve the lighting.

One things that makes SES unique is, we operate as an owner’s representative. We are not tied to one manufacturer. We utilize over thirty lines of commercial LED lighting products for our clients. Some manufacturers do certain things well, like sports lighting, but they can’t make a candelabra. We find the right manufacturer for each application.

We vet manufacturers. We make sure failure rates are below 1% because we want to  eliminate the maintenance hassles of changing lights and valves.

Part of the process of doing a commercial LED lighting retrofit properly is photometric analysis. These are particularly important in sports lighting and high-output lighting applications.

Project management is a very important part of what SES does for our clients. Our clients do not know how to install LED products, typically that’s not what they do for their customers. But it is what we do for ours. Project management is important from the first time we set foot on the property until the project is finished.

As owner’s representative, we interview electrical contractors, evaluate their expertise in retrofitting LED fixtures, and retrofitting LED products into their fixtures.

Rebate administration is a very important part of what we do for clients. Rebates with utility companies can be very complex and the applications that the utility company require, if they don’t meet certain deadlines, can jeopardize the client getting the appropriate rebate.

We do all this work before the project commences, so the client has a certified rebate letter from the utility company authorizing the rebate. And they can have comfort in knowing that their projects is going to come in the way we forecast.

We deal with pre-inspections; we walk the job site with the utility rep during the project and after the project. At SES, we do all that on the client’s behalf. They don’t have to worry about any of those details with the review process.

We have found a lot of our clients utilize capital leasing to finance their project, so we’ve arranged for capital leasing through outside sources. The way we do this is, we’re able to demonstrate the savings. And the utility savings always exceeds a lease payment. So it turns out to be a good financial decision for the company and it creates positive cash flow.

So at SES, we have a turnkey process. However, we’re flexible. We run across clients that can install projects on their own, and we’re happy to accommodate them and be as turnkey is they would want to be.


SES Understands your Needs

• Review existing lighting situation
• Analyze electrical bills
• Identify available utility rebates
• Confirm potential tax benefits

SES Develops your Custom Solution and Summarizes Findings

• Define optimum lighting solutions
• Perform photometric analysis where needed
• Present solutions for all project areas
• Provide financing options if preferred

SES Provides Project Management and Installation

• Provide all required product
• Coordinate installation
• Communicate project status on a regular basis

SES Finalizes your Cost Savings

• Walk project to confirm expectations have been met
• Provide appropriate warranty information
• Submit and manage utility rebate process on Owner’s behalf



“SES Lighting plans and implements energy solutions by
introducing cost-saving systems with reliable and proven
methods using tomorrow’s technology.”

The SES Lighting Certified Process®

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