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SES Lighting Dramatically Improves Light Quality, Economics and Safety Issues with Cherry Creek Parking Garages

SES Lighting recently completed an LED conversion of two parking garages in the Cherry Creek, Colorado area. The light quality is outstanding and the savings are significant for this 24/7 facility.

A global movement is on to replace conventional parking garage and lot lighting with LEDs. LEDs save energy and provide better “visual acuity” than other light sources because their color properties can be selected to maximize the spectral sensitivity of the human visual system. Lighting your parking lot is also essential in providing safety for your employees or customers. Having a dark parking lot is likely to increase car accidents and acts of vandalism.

Nevertheless, questions abound on how to choose the best LED lighting for parking facilities, whether garage or lot lighting. Can LEDs meet standard lighting requirements and provide light levels and distribution similar to conventional lighting? Will they last as long or longer? Will they save energy? How does the life cycle cost compare? Some LED systems are not realistically able to meet the requirements of good parking garage or canopy lighting. There are now methods to evaluate and compare the performance of parking facility lighting systems before selection and installation.

Before purchasing a new system, which can be a large investment, it is important to understand what makes a good LED solution and thus a safe investment. Here are the important facts you should know, and important questions to ask when choosing the best LED lighting solution for your parking facility.

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