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Tennis Court Lighting - LED Lighting Example - SES Lighting

Tennis Court Lighting - USTA Standards - SES Lighting

LED Adoption is Here

LED Lighting Can:

•Elevate lighting levels for tennis court lighting and all types of sports lighting

•More evenly saturate lighting throughout the playing surface

•Save up to 50% off lighting costs.

Most private club sports facilities do not have evenly saturated light quality because they are using legacy technologies such as metal halide or other high-intensity discharge products to illuminate their sports surfaces.

Most have not adopted LED technology because, until recently, the products were unable to provide the appropriate brightness. However, now that the costs have come down and the technology has dramatically improved, we are seeing adoption in the private club’s sports lighting facilities.

Improve your Tennis Court Lighting Experience with LED Technology

Converting your tennis court lighting with LED technology will dramatically improve the playing experience.  The brightness, uniformity, and color rendering LED lighting provides is superior to legacy technologies. These parameters allow the players to track ball flight and make the sport more enjoyable and competitive.

Legacy technologies such as metal halide take 20-30 minutes to achieve full brightness.  In the case of power surges, this can disrupt your court scheduling and revenue. With LED technology, the fixtures are “instant on”.

As the image below displays, Metal Halide and Fluorescent fixtures have a steep lumen depreciation curve.  This means that after a short period of time, they lose their brightness. LED fixtures, depending on the manufacturer, will last 50-100,000 hours with no detectable lumen depreciation. This provides long-term and consistent playing conditions.

Lumen Depreciation Curve - LED Lighting vs Legacy Technologies - SES Lighting

The SES Certified® Process

Since SES Lighting operates as an “Owners Representative,” our SES Certified Lighting Consultants work independently from manufacturers of sports lighting products. Therefore, we are objectively able to evaluate the performance of the products in relation to the facility needs.   Whether direct or indirect sports lighting, the key component we find is to provide detailed before and after analysis that includes photometric studies and conformance to sports standards. In many cases, such as Tennis sports lighting, we are able to achieve Class I – III lighting levels in accordance with the USTA and Sports Builder Association Standards. The defining difference is the SES Certified Lighting Solution® which guarantees your project to have a successful outcome.

Tennis Court and Sports Lighting - SES Certified Process - SES Lighting

The professionals on our team are SES Certified®. We do the right thing for our clients by acting as an owner’s representative. Every sports lighting project has its challenges. The professionals at SES Lighting work on-site to guarantee that the project goes smoothly. We are always available to make changes and adjustments to ensure the project has a successful outcome. Every SES Certified Lighting Professional involved in your project will meet the industry’s highest standards of performance. SES Lighting will provide Class I-IV USTA lighting standards to your sports lighting project.

James McKinney of SES Lighting gets Tennis Court Lighting Meter Readings

Above, SES President and Owner James McKinney takes light meter readings to determine photometrics. These readings are taken from 23 points on each tennis court in order to both determine the current light levels, and to assist the customer deciding the lighting objective most appropriate for their players and facility.

Tennis Court Lighting Photometric Analysis Strategic Plan Diagram - Figure 1 - SES Lighting

There is a method to the madness when properly designing tennis court lighting. Each court is surveyed for the proper fixtures, angles and heights. This is represented by the Photometric Analysis shown above, and when it comes time for the installation, your SES Certified lighting professional will ensure the fixtures are aimed properly during installation to guarantee your successful project outcome and light uniformity.

Tennis Court Lighting Photometric Analysis Strategic Plan Diagram - Figure 2 - SES Lighting

Below, SES Lighting Chief Operating Officer and Founding Owner Nelson Scott takes a hands-on approach while calculating the proper angles and heights with one of SES’s newest outdoor direct tennis lighting fixture designs.  Nelson is working from the specs shown in the above photo at California Tennis Club.

SES Lighting's Nelson Scott checks the angles for a tennis court lighting installation.

After the lights are aimed and installed, the SES Certified Process does not stop.  A post-installation photometric analysis is prepared for the facility owners to certify the lighting results.  In the example below, the final results exceeded expectations by re-positioning HVAC units and LED light fixtures.

SES Lighting Photometric Analysis for Tennis Court Lighting - Belle Meade Country Club

Tennis Court Lighting Standards for the USTA

At SES Lighting, we have evaluated numerous products and only a few have the capability to provide Class I-IV USTA tennis court lighting standards. Whether direct or indirect sports lighting, the key component we find is to provide detailed before and after analysis that includes photometric studies and conformance to the USTA construction manual for sports lighting.

USTA Class I Lighting Example - Belle Meade Country Club - SES Lighting

USTA Class II Lighting Example - California Tennis Club - SES Lighting

USTA Class III Lighting Example - The Club at Rolling Hills - SES Lighting

USTA Class IV Lighting Example - Marin Country Club - SES Lighting




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