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Integrating Indoor LED Lights with GolfTEC Camera Technology

In early 2014, GolfTEC was in the final stages of selecting new high speed and high resolution cameras to roll out to their 200+ locations worldwide.  The stopping point came in finding a lighting technology that would provide the brightness and uniformity needed for slow-motion playback in their instruction bays.  The cameras GolfTEC were evaluating were so fast, they were picking up the on and off points in slow-motion playback. After several attempts with various professional lighting vendors, GolfTEC brought in SES Lighting to find a solution to integrate indoor lights that would be compatible with GolfTEC’s camera technology.   As GolfTEC put it, the successful camera technology was dependent on finding a lighting technology that would not flicker.

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Instructional Bays Before and After Figure 1 - SES Lighting

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Instructional Bays Before and After Figure 2 - SES Lighting

Custom-Made Technologies

SES Lighting spent the better part of the next 2 years experimenting with integrating different lighting products at GolfTEC headquarters’ development bay.  Everything was evaluated:  LED T8 tubes, flood lights, theatrical LED lights and all commercially available products.  The problem of the components in the LED drivers commercially manufactured continued to be the culprit.  These components utilized AC currents in their downward voltage transformation.  With this knowledge, SES Lighting began assembling custom-made fixtures with advanced driver technology to overcome this obstacle.

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Instructional Bay After Conversion - Figure 1 - SES Lighting

The end result was that SES Lighting was able to provide the specifications to one of their manufacturers to come up with an affordable solution for GolfTEC.   GolfTEC is now in the process of converting their camera and lighting technology world-wide to the solution SES Lighting recommended.

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Instructional Bay After Conversion - Figure 2 - SES Lighting

In addition to the instruction bay lighting, GolfTEC re-branded their stores with LED technology as shown below with SES providing high, quality and attractive light fixtures in the lobby areas and club-fitting rooms.

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Lobby - SES Lighting

The lighting solutions for GolfTEC aside from their functionality in the instruction bays, provide each center with efficiency and reduced operational costs.   SES Lighting helped design the lighting control systems that GolfTEC uses in each new or existing center upgrade.

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Putting Green - SES Lighting

Indoor LED Sports Lighting - GolfTec Instruction Bay - SES Lighting


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