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Get Day One ROI with the only Certified LED Lighting Consultants® offering the Systems with Integrity Guarantee®.

SES Lighting’s system for LED retrofits won BoardRoom Magazine’s Excellence in Achievement Award for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

SES Lighting leads the industry in Tennis Court Lighting solutions. Whether your facility uses direct lighting or indirect lighting, SES Lighting can provide a solution guaranteed to save money while significantly improving the player experience. These pictures illustrate the difference, and help tell the story of how SES Lighting helps clubs across the US achieve USTA Class I and Class II Tennis Court Lighting classifications.

For quantitative examples of how SES Lighting reduced expenses and improved lighting quality for country clubs, churches, office buildings, and condominiums, check out these videos, photo galleries, and articles about our Commercial LED Lighting Case Studies.

To get first-hand testimonials about why SES is the partner of choice for indoor sports facilities, restaurants, car dealerships, warehouses, and more, watch and read these testimonials from SES Lighting clients.

Why We're Better

We act as Owner’s Representative. Every product and every person touching your project is SES Certified®. You receive 100% of the benefits of our proven process. We stake our name on your results.

Before we start any project, SES Certified LED Lighting Consultants® document savings projections and certifications. Our system saves country clubs, sports and tennis facilities, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, automobile dealership showrooms, and other establishments more money than any other.

SES offers assistance with third-party financing. We only accept financing terms delivering net positive returns on your investment, and we only work with reputable financing companies who uphold our standards for integrity.

Founded by veterans of the lighting, private club and financial industries, SES Lighting helps you make your facility safer, more enjoyed, and more enjoyable. We help you improve rental and resale value while generating exceptional operating savings. SES solutions are friendlier to the environment.

SES Lighting / Strategic Energy Systems is a proud American company. We are based in Golden, Colorado.

Commercial LED Lighting Case Studies

To help facility managers in their decision-making process, SES Lighting gladly provides these commercial LED lighting case studies.

We proudly feature these examples of our completed projects, each of which employed SES Lighting’s proven, proprietary process. SES Lighting owes much of our growth to referrals from the clients featured in these commercial LED lighting case studies. Many of the project managers and executives involved in the decisions and implementation have provided testimonials for SES Lighting, our people, our process, and their results.

Each of the following Commercial LED Lighting Case Studies provides summaries of:

  • Quantitative and qualitative factors creating the need to research new lighting solutions.
  • How SES Certified Lighting Consultants applied their process to render a custom solution.
  • Scope and size of the final commercial LED lighting solution for the facility.
  • How the suite of SES Certified LED Lighting Products was selected.
  • Realized annual cost savings and how SES Lighting achieved them.
  • Qualitative summary of how the SES Lighting solution met the client’s goals for guest experience.
  • Forecast of ongoing benefits, including cost and risk reductions for staff and facility.

Watch the Video

SES Certified® LED Lighting Products (video above)

SES Lighting rigorously tests all products in our Golden, Colorado, facility, to ensure they will stand up to conditions in which they are prescribed for use and meet our industry-leading standards of failure rates below 1%. Providing only the best commercial LED Lighting products and LED Lighting Control Systems is part of our Service with Integrity Guarantee.

Your SES Lighting solution is customized for your facility, your goals, and your budget. It may include products from any of the manufacturers listed on this page. SES Lighting works directly with these companies because our testing and experience consistently proves they meet our high standards for quality and provide products that do not fail us or our valued clients.

We act as Owner’s Representative. SES Lighting maintains direct relationships with such a large array of LED lighting manufacturers so we can always design solutions around our client’s needs only. SES Lighting owes our success to designing dependable solutions that provide value; not as a reseller for any particular manufacturer. Our loyalty is to our clients and their bottom line.

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