High Output Led Luminaires

Modular Design


Arrlux has a true modular design with high output designs ranging from 30-900 watts in the following series:  Street, Interstate, Sports, Industrial, High Bay, Area, Linear, Canopy and Sign Applications.  Lumens range from 4,000-125,000 lumens with 20 optic lens choices.

Quality Components


Arrlux uses the highest quality Philips and Meanwell Drivers, Nichia Chips, Surge Protection and Thermal Designs available in the market resulting in DLC Premium Listings out-performing any fixture in the market. 

Engineering & Testing


The Arrlux testing laboratory complies with UL and ENEC Witness Test Data Program. Each product goes thru a series of strict tests including water submersion, vibration, temperature, salt-water and photometry before shipment.

Street Lighting


From 4,000 to 40,000 lumens, Arrlux has a complete series of Street Lighting solutions.   With a complete line of accessories and certifications, Arrlux is able to meet the strictest of standards in local and federal qualifications. 

Interstate Lighting


From 62,000 to 125,000 Lumens, Arrlux exceeds the requirements for high-mast lighting solutions.  With a variety of mounting solutions available and optics, many states have adopted Arrlux fixtures for Interstate Lighting.  

Indoor Sports Lighting


Arrlux has indoor arena series of indirect and direct sports lighting available from 30,000 - 125,000 lumen packages.   With over 20 optic lens types, Arrlux can meet the highest standards in uniformity for college and professional sports. 

Outdoor Sports Lighting


Arrlux exceeds brightness and uniformity standards that the USTA, NCAA and other governing bodies in sports lighting for outdoor applications.  Because of the modular design, Arrlux can adapt to any pole height or layout to achieve a successful outcome.

Stadium Lighting


With 20 different optical lenses available, Arrlux out-performs all manufacturers in the stadium lighting applications and achieves the brightness and uniformity required for broadcast television and photography requirements.  

Industrial Lighting


Industrial factories, maintenance facilities, airplane hangers require the highest quality of high output lighting for important lighting applications.  Arrlux achieves this with the flexibility of lumen packages and optics.  

Product Certifications


Arrlux has every product certification required for your project.  With 400 DLC Premium listed products, BAA Level 1 compliance, and UL certifications, Arrlux is able to meet the strictest of standards. 

Complete 10-Year Fixture Warranty


Because Arrlux uses Philips drivers, the highest engineering and testing standards, they offer a complete warranty including the driver for 10 years.  

IES Compliant Lighting Designs

SES Lighting designs to IES standards which is critical in Sports & Recreational Lighting

SES Lighting determines the correct lighting objective and with our team of lighting engineers, designs your project to conform to IES Standards.  This is especially important for Sports & Recreational Lighting (IES RP-6-15)

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