Commercial led lighting case studies

To help facility managers in their decision-making process, SES Lighting gladly provides these commercial LED lighting case studies.

We proudly feature these examples of our completed projects, each of which employed SES Lighting’s proven, proprietary process. SES Lighting owes much of our growth to referrals from the clients featured in these commercial LED lighting case studies. Many of the project managers and executives involved in the decisions and implementation have provided testimonials for SES Lighting, our people, our process, and their results.

Each of the following Commercial LED Lighting Case Studies provides summaries of:

  • Quantitative and qualitative factors creating the need to research new lighting solutions.
  • How SES Certified Lighting Consultants applied their process to render a custom solution.
  • Scope and size of the final commercial LED lighting solution for the facility.
  • How the suite of SES Certified LED Lighting Products was selected.
  • Realized annual cost savings and how SES Lighting achieved them.
  • Qualitative summary of how the SES Lighting solution met the client’s goals for guest experience.
  • Forecast of ongoing benefits, including cost and risk reductions for staff and facility.


Country Club LED Retrofit

Toscana Country Club, Indian Wells, California


church lighting

Waterstone Community Church, Littleton, Colorado


Office Building Commercial LED Retrofit

SVS, Golden, Colorado


Condominium LED Lighting

Waterford Condominiums, Denver, Colorado


Country Club Tennis LED Lighting

California Tennis Club San Francisco, California

We add new commercial LED lighting case studies to this page frequently, so especially if you are a facility manager seeking cost reduction measures or LED lighting solutions, we recommend bookmarking this page. We share updates to our website on social media, so please like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn.

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