LED Lighting Testimonials

TOSCANA COUNTRY CLUB, Indian Wells, CA - Joseph Byrne, CEOE - Director of Engineering

“I would highly recommend SES Lighting. SES recently did a retrofit of all 5,600 lights

at Toscana Country Club in Indian Wells, California. The reason we decided to do the

retrofit is because the rebate from Southern California Energy, subsequent savings in 

electricity and the savings in labor along with the purchase of light bulbs every year.

This project did not only cut our electricity by 450,000 kWh per year, but had a return

on investment of under two years. The reason we went with SES was the commitment

to service and satisfaction which we felt each step of the way. The retrofit here was by 

no means an easy project! Nelson Scott consistently made sure things were managed

well and adapted to all the areas of opportunity that arose during the project. I

could not be more pleased with the product of the company that gave 100% effort

in making sure to meet Toscana Country Club’s high expectations and standards.

Thanks SES!”

CALIFORNIA TENNIS CLUB, San Francisco, CA – Tim Odenweller, General Manager

“I highly recommend SES Lighting and Nelson Scott.  Nelson became a partner and a friend during our 18 month quest to find appropriate LED lighting for our tennis courts in the conversion from HID/metal halides.  I first met Nelson Scott at the CMAA World Conference in 2015 at a time when LED court lighting was still in its infancy. I was immediately impressed with SES Lighting’s knowledge and his down to earth approach in communicating – no hard sell!  As a former club manager, Nelson better understood the needs of my club and my members than other lighting reps I had met. Over a year long period Nelson visited my club multiple times, traveling from Denver to San Francisco, on his own dime and patiently continued to research new lighting as it came on the market.  I presented Nelson and SES Lighting with a challenge.  We have a 3 pole layout on either side and between each court, except there are no poles at the ends between two of our courts.  He continued to send me foot candle lighting projections from various manufacturers until we had found a unique LED lighting solution for my club. In November of 2016, SES Lighting agreed and worked with us to install 2 test courts and negotiated an agreement with the manufacturer to return the lights after a 30 day trial period.  Had we not liked the, the only cost to the club would been my team’s time in installing the lights, a minimal restocking fee – and SES Lighting would have walked away with nothing.  Nelson showed professionalism, confidence and resolve that he have found the right solution.  The lighting results exceeded our expectations and we went on in the following months to install lighting on the remaining 5 courts.  SES Lighting worked with our facilities manager throughout the installation and diligently provided us with detailed light readings and follow-up.  Our court lighting is outstanding, with all courts exceeding initial projections. My members are thrilled!  Nelson is man of integrity and quite simply a great guy.  It has been a pleasure working with Nelson and SES Lighting and I look forward to working with him on more lighting projects in the Clubhouse!”

CASTLEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB, Pleasanton, CA - Surendra Mistry, Controller

“I would like to highly recommend SES Lighting. Recently, they did a complete retrofit

of our entire country club facility with LED Lighting. This resulted in a significant rebate 

that the club received from PG&E. Also, on an ongoing basis this project will greatly

reduce our utility expenses each month. A lot of members of the club have also

commented on how much they like the new LED light quality. Nelson Scott managed

the project from beginning to end and made it one of the most successful projects

the club has ever done.”

WATERSTONE COMMUNITY CHURCH, Littleton, CO - Brad Heykoop, Executive Pastor, Operations

“I would highly recommend SES. They recently did a retrofit of all our lights at

Waterstone Community Church. The reason we decided to do the retrofit is because

the rebate from Xcel Energy and the subsequent savings will allow us to pay for

the project in only three years. In addition to cutting our electrical bill by about 50%,

we will also realize savings in the area of maintenance costs since the bulbs are

estimated to last between 20-25 years. However, the reason we went with SES was

the commitment to service and satisfaction we felt every step of the way. They were

the perfect partner for us on this project.”

VALLEY COUNTRY CLUB, Centennial, CO - Mark Tiernan, General Manager

“SES Lighting recommended replacement of our club’s failing boiler with a staged, 

high-efficiency boiler. They have an impressive knowledge of energy reduction and

the right products for our specific application. The result is that our natural gas bill

was reduced by 50% and we have a reliable hot water system for our Clubhouse

and Pool Facility.”

SHANAHAN’S STEAKHOUSE, Denver, CO - Mark Steron, Managing Partner and Owner

“In 2009, when we founded the concept and we were working on all of the initial design with our architects and general contractors, we knew that we had a couple of key components that were really going to be critical in the design aspect and would really affect the ultimate guest experience. First and foremost was lighting…

The restaurant has many dimensions to it…in terms of having some fine dining and then some casual coach seating so in every area of the restaurant the lighting is absolutely critical. It’s balanced it has a warm feeling to it, it still allows for people to be able to read their menus with ease and also make them look good…

We were able to achieve within a very specific range what level we want the lighting to be in our restaurant. We have a few different settings that are all pre-programmed so that they’re very easy for our staff to understand and know how to accommodate our guest accordingly, but we were able to create a perfect level for our cleaning crew when they come in early in the morning…we transition into a dusk level once we open at 4:00 for happy hour and we usually keep that level on until 5 or 6  O’clock and then from there we transition into a dining level so then all those are done by the push of a button…it’s all done with a fader and it’s done very seamlessly and our guests never know that we are doing anything they just know that the environment feels good…


“We’ve had great success with the Waterford with their SES lighting. I’m the treasurer of the organization, been on the board for many years. And it’s so fun to see the savings each month in each area. Whether it’s a fitness center we have or whether it’s a main tower…A lot of lights are on 24/7. And like the stairwells, the garage, the hallways and we couldn’t be more pleased with the savings we keep seeing month after month. Let’s talk about the quality lighting in the garage facility…the new way, when I go into the garage, it’s like I’m going into sunshine almost. It’s easy to see anything that you want to see in the whole area. Which is very good for security and our security cameras are way better at showing that on the security desk…security cameras love LED lighting…it just makes them at least 50 percent better…

We have one main maintenance person and then we hire out most of our jobs. But I’ve noticed those maintenance people are doing other jobs…Now that we’ve gone through the years in the different phase of the LED lighting…they’re working on areas that are more important to the residents and maintaining the rest of the facility better because they have more time…

…Our security is 24/7…our hallways…our garage, our stairwells, they’re on 24/7…

You have street lighting, lighting that goes down to your garage levels, and in the portico shade entrance, you have lighting…

It improved the security cameras like we just talked about right away. And the street, it feels more secure because it’s better lighting…t’s much clearer out there. And we have a transition across the street to the Waterford fitness center. And that’s even more important that it has good lighting…

Over the last few years, we used a number of different manufacturers for the different areas…I don’t think one light has gone out in there. In the garage of course we just put in, we had a little bit on the candelabras, but it was very minor and the company replaced them…

BOZARTH CHEVROLET, Colorado and Kansas – Tom Elliott, Project Manager

“SES Lighting is a great company. Nelson Scott and I worked together on the remodel of 4 Chevrolet dealerships. We used SES new LED spot light product in the showrooms to highlight the cars. The lights are terrific!! Nelson was very responsive to all of our questions and followed up in a very timely manner both before and after the sale. I would highly recommend Nelson Scott and SES Lighting for any of your lighting needs.”

THE CLUB AT ROLLING HILLS, Golden, CO  Rachel Ego, CCM, General Manager

“Our Club has worked with SES Lighting over the last year retrofitting our lighting to LED technology which included our indoor tennis facilities. The results have been superb in energy savings and improvement of the overall ambiance throughout our facilities. They are experts in all aspects of LED lighting and provided exemplary service and attention to detail in the projects we have completed with them. We look forward in working with them on other energy saving projects in the future.”

Nick Miller, Facility Engineer:

“We see a lot more consistent lighting around the club. And it really helps highlight our building. Before we were going through lights that were slowly burning out and changing colors on us…One thing that’s really nice about the LED lighting is, it’s consistent in color. Energy savings are there, definitely civilized. They burn cooler, we don’t have near the light heat load in our building after we switched to after LEDs…

And the maintenance savings is huge. My guys daily, it was a task to go around the building and replace several lights. And now we don’t do that, we focus on other things…

Replacing light bulbs was a just about a part-time job there. And I may have replaced one or two LEDs versus the hundreds of halogen lights we used to go through…

Not only is the light beautiful and consistent throughout the tennis court, it comes on right away. Prior to that using the old halogen bulbs, we had to fire at the bulbs twenty minutes before court times. Depending on the age of the ball, we always had different colors throughout the whole tennis facilities. So if you replaced one, you have to replace them all to get the same color. So that’s one beautiful thing about the LEDs, is that you turn it on, they all look the same. Even if you replace one, there’s not a difference…

As far as it comes to getting the right product, getting my energy credits, all that work seamlessly. What SES Lighting presented was exactly what I got, in the time frame we discussed.”

MARIN COUNTRY CLUB, Novato, CA – Ryan Wilson, General Manager

“If your club has not retrofitted your lighting systems to LED Marin CC is a pretty compelling case study that you may want to consider for your club. We hired Nelson Scott with SES Lighting in 2015 and his firm did a LED lighting project that was completed in December 2015. Nelson presented to our finance committee and board of directors and we were able to allocate precious capital dollars to a project with an ROI and payback on the initial investment inside of two years.

He delivered on his promise and I would strongly recommend his firm if you are considering this for your club.”

SES Lighting earned these testimonials by adhering to our Systems with Integrity Guarantee®, which includes:

Your SES Certified®Lighting Solution will be custom for your goals and environment.We act as Owner’s Representative, thereby showing no favoritism to any manufacturer, ever. We will choose products that offer maximum safety and cost savings in the long run, adjusting for environmental elements such as humidity, altitude, temperature, etc., and are proven to perform best in the environment in which they will be employed. We will recommend products that enhance the mood and overall business goal. For example, soft temperatures to enhance the mood in restaurants; efficient coverage to maximize safety in parking lots, and visibility on tennis courts and large retail show floors.

Your facility will be more enjoyable and referable after the project concludes.Lighting significantly influences mood and personal experience with any location. In addition to improving safety and cost, SES Certified® Lighting Solutions increase the perceived value of commercial properties, and appeal to human emotions, overtly and subconsciously increasing comfort and satisfaction.

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